Purpose Planet

Do good for the planet

We are making real changes to help protect our planet for future generations.

Regenerative agriculture

The fashion industry and its supply chains are intrinsically linked to agriculture through raw materials that end up in consumer products. These materials are often created through destructive farming methods. By 2025, we've vowed to help convert one million acres of grassland into regenerative farmland, and we’ve already converted 310,000 acres so far.

Earth Day 2023

We’re keeping it real and sharing updates on our progress toward a more regenerative future.


There are 1,110 solar panels at UGG GQ, which is LEED Silver certified to demonstrate its energy efficiency.

2.94 million

UGG's recycled paper efforts have saved over 2.94 million trees since 2017.


Over 95% of wood-based products from responsible sources.

Our approach to animal welfare

Discover out Ethical Sourcing and Animal Welfare policy, and how we are building partnerships to advance animal welfare.

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