Spot the right UGG

As the official UGG brand in over 130 countries such as the United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), China, Japan, and Korea - we are wildly popular.

The quickest way to identify our UGG is by spotting the interstocking 'G' in the logo of on the shoe and sun logo that's usually located at the bottom of the shoe.

Here's a few more tips from us:


Since 1990, the interlocking U-G-G logo has been used, with the bold middle G standing out in front of the other letters, while remaining fully connected to the design. The UGG logo once included Australia but was removed for simplicity of design.


Authentic UGG products will never arrive at your doorstep in a bag. The only time you'll find an UGG shopping bag is at one of our own UGG stores.


UGG boxes are high quality with authentic labels containing an image of the product, sizing information, and security labels.


Our UGG boots are easy to flex and bend and not to mention easy to walk in!


The UGG Logo on the heel of our products is known as “The License Plate.” It’s the symbol we want you to sport because it says more than UGG. It says, “I’m the real deal.” This framed rectangle box is typically found on the heel of our products.


The UGG Sun Logo is a hallmark of our California Heritage, representing the sun shining on the southern Pacific Coast. It appears on the bottom of all Classic Boot outsoles, along with the patented Sun Tread outsole, symbolizing authenticity and a relaxed way of living.

Still not sure?

Other brands try to benefit from our popularity by replicating some of our products.

The UGG dream team are here to help. Please contact us if you have any questions.