8TH APRIL 2022


A celebration of self-expression, style, and individuality.

UGG Feel You

FEEL YOU is an ongoing, global celebration of self-expression, style, and individuality with over thirty friends of the brand including ALICE, Christina Cooper, Joci Scott, Raymond Kam, Remi Wolf and Xavier Williams . They are multi-hyphenate creatives who – like UGG – are bold, provocative, free-spirited, optimistic, and real. Pairing the iconic Fluff Yeah and new iterations with a diverse group of tastemakers who express themselves through fashion, we highlight the many ways to wear UGG this season. Highlighting how to style the iconic Fluff Yeah and new iterations, meet the cast.


UGG Feel You - Alice

Alice wears the Womens Fluff Yeah Slide in Animalia.

Born in New Jersey, ALICE is an art school graduate who moved to Los Angeles to continue pursuing her love for music. Fierce, emotional, passionate, and kind, ALICE approaches her fans as friends, treasures her supportive family, and is incredibly proud of her Korean American heritage.

ALICE on FEELING UNDERSTOOD: “When somebody understands who I am, and you know, my mission for life – what I want to represent in the world, I mean, it makes me feel understood. You know, I work hard to protect and defend my people. I have this big goal and mission in life to do that, and I’m very vocal about it. So, when people start catching on to that and when people start understanding that it makes me feel like the work I’m doing is powerful, I’m making a difference in the world.”


UGG Feel You - Christina Cooper

Christina wears the Womens Maxi Slide Logo in black

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Christina Cooper is an actress, movie director, television producer, writer, and ‘Forbes 30 Under 30’ nominee. She is one of the youngest female directors and producers of color to have South Central Love, which she wrote, directed, and produced, acquired by Viacom and BET Networks for a nationwide release. A champion of creating opportunities for people of all races and ethnicities within the film world, Christina uses her voice and platform to stand for positive change through visionary filmmaking.

CHRISTINA on INDIVIDUALITY: “Individuality is important to me, being Chinese and Jamaican. I already dealt with struggles like figuring out who I am, and am still on a constant journey, but I think individuality is super important.”


UGG Feel You - Jodi Scott

Joci wears the Womens Maxi Slide in Pink Scallop.

Born and raised in Ohio, Joci Scott is a Los Angeles-based actor, dancer, and creator who experienced a spinal cord injury in a plane crash the summer before her junior year at Ohio State University. With the accident resulting in Joci becoming paralyzed from the waist down, she now uses a wheelchair. Joci is very open about her life journey and shares it on her YouTube channel. Possessing a fervor to live each day to the fullest, Joci recently participated in Ms. Wheelchair USA where she placed fourth overall and won an award for Ms. Photogenic.

JOCI on INCLUSION: “Adaptive fashion is definitely up-and-coming, but it’s not where it should be today. So, having shoes like these and being able to model them, I feel is really, really special.”


UGG Feel You - Raymon Kam

Raymond wears the Mens Tasman LTA Slipper in Burnt Olive.

Raymond Kam is a passionate and driven student-athlete who graduated from Biola University in 2020 with a degree in Kinesiology. He accidentally fell into the realm of social media, gaining traction from making Cantonese content on TikTok. Social media was the catalyst for his self-discovery, leading him to production, acting, and modeling – all with AAPI visibility in mind.

RAYMOND on SELF-EXPRESSION: “The biggest thing to remind myself is to cut the noise, and that a lot of people will throw their opinions at you at any given time. I thank my therapists for telling me that I need to start thinking of myself, ‘what do you think about this?’ It’s the same as how a painter uses a paintbrush when I’m modeling and acting, using my body and emotions to express myself. So, expression is knowing myself. I’ve definitely had a lot of time to dig deeper, realize who I am, and then express that.”



Remi wears the Womens Fluff Yeah Slide in Key Lime.

Remi Wolf’s ever-present personality, charisma, and unique eye have established her as a trailblazer for Gen Z pop. Widespread support from her avid fanbase and industry peers alike have grown quickly since the release of her well-received EP ‘I’m Allergic to Dogs!’ in 2020, and her critically acclaimed debut album ‘Juno’ in 2021. She’s made memorable performances on network TV (The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon) and at notable festivals like Outside Lands, ACL, and Firefly. With the release of ‘Juno,’ Wolf will undoubtedly cement herself as an icon in pop music and beyond.

REMI on FEELING FREE: “The way I express myself the most to the world is through performance, singing, just getting on stage and getting a community together and making the venue or wherever I’m performing a safe space for everybody to have fun. That’s where I feel the most free and myself.”


UGG Feel You - Xavier Williams

Xavier wears the Mens Tasman LTA Slipper in Black.

Xavier Williams is a model and dancer who enjoys cooking, sports, and traveling. When he’s not keeping in shape at the gym, he can be found expressing himself on TikTok with funny videos he creates. His personal style is laidback, California chill, with distinctive pieces to tie an outfit together. Whether it’s a colorful patchwork shirt, torn jeans, or a statement bag, Xavier is bound to stand out.

XAVIER on AUTHENTICITY: “I’d say the biggest thing on my mind when expressing myself is being authentic and true to myself. I like to think of style as beauty – it’s subjective in the fact that no two people are going to have the same style.”