18TH AUGUST 2021


Coolest dad vibes incoming.

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Mordechai Rubinstein is the consummate fashion industry insider and one of the coolest dads in New York. He is a spokesperson for the fashion industry at large and is well known globally in the fashion community for his unique perspective and knowledge. His experience from tenures with several global apparel brands combined with a six-figure social media following centered around “Mister Mort,” the first men’s fashion blog which he started in 2008, makes Mordechai’s outreach unique and widespread.

To celebrate Father’s Day and our iconic Classic Boots for dads and their kiddos, we asked him some questions about what he knows best: all things style.

Introduce yourself, what you do, and where you call home.

I am Mordechai Rubinstein; I try to help people get dressed and inspire them through my photography. I live to have fun, mainly through what I wear. I reside in Brooklyn, NY.

UGG Father's Day gifting

Describe a day in the life of Mister Mort.

I check the weather about three times before getting into bed, about two more times once I rise, once before the shower, and once after while pondering what to wear. I like to look out the window and see what the streets are wearing, to see if it can supply any inspiration for what I’ll wear that day. I could try on clothes all day and night, but the more time it takes outta my day, the less time I have to enjoy the outside. Lately, it’s been more grab ‘n’ go.

Once I get kitted out, it’s time to think about what I’m going to put on our daughter. If I’m feeling my own stuff that day, I like her in a cute outfit too. It helps my day along as we head out on our adventures to feel cute together. Lately, we’ll stroll for a coffee and go to the skatepark or playground. When she’s had enough, we head home for lunch. She naps around 1pm, and that’s when I get working. I’ll typically wash dishes and straighten up the house a little, maybe even shower and change clothes, then I’ll take a meeting or three until she wakes up around 4pm. If my wife is in meetings, I will try and get Isabella outta the house for some afternoon park time. If my wife can break away from her work, I try and stay out shooting, working, etc.

UGG Father's Day gifting

Describe your style and what it says about you.

I really cannot describe my style, as it changes too often. I like rules (such as black belt requires black shoes, etc.), but I live to break them as well. I enjoy pushing boundaries and wearing a tie any old day. I live to get dressed and bring fun and colour to the streets. The most important thing for me is to never take yourself/clothes too seriously. I could really think I’m David Hockney and Prince Charles on the same day.

We love seeing you and your daughter in matching outfits. Describe her style and what it says about her.

While it sure is fun getting our daughter dressed, I’m not sure my daughter has her very own style just yet. She helps us choose what she’ll wear, but it’s really our influence. I can’t wait to see what she reaches for on her own! I like her in smaller versions of stuff I like for/on my wife, which is why we often end up matching. I think her style says, “approachable but no nonsense.”

UGG Father's Day gifting

Describe UGG and how you would style your pair for Father’s Day.

UGG is the perfect cozy way to match with my daughter. In spring, we never know what the temperatures will be and what the weather will call for. While UGG can be an all-year footwear choice in some parts of the world, they are perfect for a New York Father’s Day. I can stay cozy, match my daughter, and look like a father not taking himself too seriously. We like it with all one colour for Isabella – we chose Blue. For me, I wanted all one colour as well, but I decided to wear a yellow shirt last-minute to not be too matchy matchy.