What does style mean to you?

UGG Apparel Collection

What makes something perfect? Is it the way it makes you feel? The longevity? The versatility? At UGG, we believe it’s all three. Uniting fashion and feel, our latest UGG Ready-to-Wear campaign celebrates the perfect apparel pieces – the perfect sherpa (Womens Marlene Sherpa Jacket), the perfect faux fur (Womens Mandy Faux Fur Hoodie) – that are designed to elevate any and every wardrobe.

To demonstrate this, we’ve enlisted five inspiring and stylish women to show the many ways to wear the perfect items: Singer and songwriter Kim Petras, choreographer and dancer Parris Goebel, and models Maye Musk, Duckie Thot and Fernanda Ly all showcase their personal style.

Together, they share what style means to them.

UGG Duckie Thot

“I think clothes represent who you are. You get to be who you want to be without really having to say anything to anyone, and that’s powerful.” – Duckie Thot

UGG Fernanda Ly

“I consider something perfect when I feel great in it.” – Fernanda Ly

UGG Kim Petra

“My style says I’m not just one thing, I’m many things.” – Kim Petras

UGG Maye Musk

"Comfort, quality, and style are important at any age.” – Maye Musk

UGG Paris Goebel

“I feel fashion is an extension of your soul and your spirit, and it’s a really beautiful way to express yourself.” – Parris Goebel