ugg materials and craftsmanship

Since 1978, we have prided ourselves on using the best materials and employing an uncompromising attitude toward quality and craftsmanship. From grade-A sheepskin to rich leather and industry-leading technology, all our materials are carefully selected and artfully crafted with beautiful precision. We blend this expertise and signature wearing-experience with West Coast style to evoke the relaxed glamour and seas of California.

Twinface Sheepskin

We only use the finest grade-A Twinface sheepskin in the world, putting each sheepskin through an extensive process to ensure it provides our signature UGG experience. When souring our trademark Twinface, we look for uniformity and a flawless, fine-grained texture. On the wool side, there has to be an even "stand up" thickness across the entire piece. At six different points in our process we select and re-select against these criteria, ensuring only the highest quality sheepskin makes the cut.

We always uphold strict standards when it comes to animal welfare and transparent sourcing.


UGGpure is a luxurious, natural wool woven into a durable backing for a plush sensory experience with ever wear. It is naturally moisture-wicking and heat-regulating, so it keeps feet warm in cold weather and even keeps them dry in warmer weather.

Treadlite by UGG

Offering increased cushioning, traction and flexibility, Treadlite by UGG is a supremely lightweight and ultra-durable outsole. When compared to traditional EVA outsoles, Treadlite by UGG has 16% more durability, 20% better traction on wet and dry surfaces, and cushioning that lasts 25% longer.

enerG Comfort System Insole

The next best thing to being barefoot, our enerG Comfort System insole uses micrpod technology, which combines soft foam and polyurethane pods for supreme cushioning. Its top layer is made of breathable, moisture-wicking and antimicrobial open-cell foam, while its bottom layer maintains its shape for the entire life of the shoe, delivering industry-leading support.


Twinsole offers two insoles that can be worn interchangeably. The first features rich leather lining, while the second delivers luxurious natural wool lining to keep feet warm and wick moisture. Both insoles are cushioned with dual-density foam and outfitted with antimicrobial protection and a shock-absorbing heel. Use in any shoe to experience our signature UGG feel.


Toscana is a breed of European sheep known for its fine wool, which is lighter, smoother, and softer than other varieties. This beautiful, silky sheepskin also provides some of the best cold-weather insulation and delivers a luxurious statement.


UGGplush is a combination of 80% natural wool and 20% lyocell fibers that is woven into a UNIFI™ recycled polyester
backing, delivering the luxurious feel that UGG is known for. Sustainability: UGGplush is composed of sustainably preferred fibers: repurposed wool, lyocell and recycled polyester.

Leather and Suede

UGG sources the finest leathers and suedes available and employs a range of tanning and finishing processes to reveal the natural beauty of the grain. From top sprays that enhance luster, to high-gloss shoe creams and waxes that achieve a rick depth, our leather treatments deliver an expertly-crafted aesthetic.

Water-resistant Leather and Suede

Perfect for a light drizzle, these premium leathers and suedes are designed to repel water, but are not crafted for heavy rain or snow.

Waterproof Leather and Suede

Crafted for any level of downpour, these premium leathers and suedes are impenetrable to water, rain, and snow.

Horween and Charles F.Stead

Horween and Charles F. Stead are two of the oldest family-run tanneries in the world, with legacies that extend over 100 years and reputations for producing the best, most beautiful leathers available.

Horween Leather

Based in Chicago, Horween Leather is the quintessential American outfit, crafting everything from NFL footballs for luxury goods. The company's incredible quality is achieved through generations of detailed attention, commitment and meticulous processes that infuse oil and wax straight into the leather. Horween Chromepak leather is rich, waxed and lined with our signature soft sheepskin.

C.F Stead

Charles F. Stead was founded in Leeds, England in the 1980's and is an expert at its craft, known for crating the highest-quality leather and suede. This traditional family company remains faithful to the artisanal skills and techniques that others have forgotten, and takes the time to treat each hide based on its own unique characteristics. C.F. Stead leather is slipped reverse-face and left unlined, so that its smooth surface is against the foot while its more durable, textural surface faces out, reminiscent of how footwear has been made for centuries.

Vibram Arctic Drip

The most advanced cold-weather gripping system ever created by Vibram, industry-leading Artic Grip outsoles are specifically engineered and designed to perform on wet ice.

Cold-Weather Rating

With this rating, our cold-weather styles are designed to stand up temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius. 


Known as a foam rubber. EVA is lightweight, flexible, and cushioning. It also provides excellent thermal insulation and is highly resilient.

Calf Hair

Commonly referred to as "pony hair", our calf hair is chrome-tanned for a luxe, high-shine appearance and smooth feel.

Knit Boots

Our Classic Cardy knit features a heathered Merion-wool blend and fuses the coziness of your favourite sweater with UGG DNA. Our Merino wool is made from exceptionally fine fibers for a supremely soft and luxuriously gentle feel. 

Capturing the charm of a chunky handmade knit, our Lattice Cardy knit features a lattice-inspired pattern in a cosy heathered wool blend.


Swarovski Crystals
Renowned for its signature shimmer, Swarovski produces the finest quality crystals in the world.

The signature buttons on our best-selling Bailey Button boots come in a range of styles, from traditional logo-etched wood to shimmering Swarovski crystals.

With juicy colours and fun, California-inspired designs, our adhesive patches can stand alone or be grouped together for extra impact.

Our mix-and-match ribbons come in a range of colours and luxe materials from satin to grosgrain and tulle. Loop them in and out of our Bailey Bow boots for a personalised touch.

From buckles to rivets and studs, all our hardware is completely customized via a range of antiquing effects, stonewashed finished, and hammered detailing.