Celebrating 40 years of defying convention.


Since 1978, UGG has been a brand that has defied convention. Born on the coast of Southern California during the height of counterculture, we have always stood for those who aren’t afraid to feel what they want to feel and look how they want to look. This year marks our 40th Anniversary. To celebrate, we envision a new future that’s still deeply rooted in our past by teaming our most popular icons with icons in fashion, innovation, and art. Bold and unapologetic, these unique individuals represent the next generation of UGG. 


UGG 40:40:40 Exclusive Limited Edition Collection - Adwoa Aboah


Adwoa Aboah:

With her bold personality, Adwoa Aboah rewrites the script of what it means to be a modern woman. As an activist and model, she challenges traditional standards of beauty, champions unconventionality, and builds a safe, stigma-free space for women to discuss mental health, sexuality, and body image through her platform, Gurls Talk.


UGG 40:40:40 Exclusive Limited Edition Collection - Herron Preston


Heron Preston:

A genre-bending artist, designer, and DJ, Heron Preston carves his own path in the fashion industry through his commitment toward innovation, experimentation, and unpredictability. Unafraid to break the rules and challenge the norm, he represents a rising group of young creators questioning tradition and doing things their way.



Featuring UGG’s most iconic silhouettes in the original sand colour, embellished with heritage details and unique branding. Don’t miss out on buying a pair of these iconic shoes.



UGG 40:40:40 Limited Edition Collection - Women Classics


UGG 40:40:40 Limited Edition Collection - Men Classics


Available online now and at our QVB, King Street and Emporium stores, find a store.

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How Can I Wear My Classics the Other Half of the Year? – This is UGG


We get it. As much as you love the plush, fleecy feeling and DGAF vibe of your Classics, they don’t really lend themselves to warm-weather wear. Here’s our solve: Classic Unlined. They’re bald—as in NO fur—not to mention collapsible, which means easy packing for getaways. Not sure how you’d wear it? Well believe it or not, options beyond leggings exist. Take a look.



Add a little edge to the rocker uniform. Stick with your favorite band tee and moto jacket, but swap out black denim for white and throw on the CLASSIC UNLINED MINI LEATHER.



If you’re in need of a neutral that will go with everything, go for THIS GRAY-BROWN HYBRID and wear with a t-shirt dress or, you know, anything else in your closet.



Got a day date? Try a leggy look with the CLASSIC UNLINED TALL and a longer dress or skirt with a thigh-high slit. Add a light jacket in case the good times extend to the evening.



Who says you can’t get a little fancy with your UGG boots? Dress up a graphic tee and the CLASSIC UNLINED MINI with a metallic statement piece for a look that’s both cool and classy.



Give your heel-clad girlfriends shoe envy on a night out with the CLASSIC UNLINED MINI PERF IN FIRE OPAL. Pair it with a shiny slip dress and show off your trendsetting ways with some sparkly mesh socks peeking out from the topline.


Now that we’ve convinced you, shop all the Classic Unlined styles HERE.



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Introducing the UGG Collective – This is UGG


UGG’s California roots run deep. Founded in 1978 on the Golden Coast by an Australian surfer, this brand’s story is as diverse and complex as the state’s terrain and populations—one that can only be told through their own experiences. That’s why we’re introducing the UGG Collective, a group of real people who embody our values and the spirit of California. They are artists, surfers, writers, activists, and free spirits, and in telling their stories, we tell our own.



TASYA VAN REE grew up in Hawaii but moved to Los Angeles after high school and has called the city home ever since. Renowned for her work in photography and mixed media, she strives to create new languages and multi-dimensional worlds in her work while exploring mysticism, the psychology of objects, and the relationship between fashion and identity.



RAY WRIGHTMANU LI, and SERK SPLIFF form the hip-hop group WARM BREW. Raised on LA’s Westside, this trio rewrites Santa Monica’s whitewashed, paradisiacal narrative, creating a new soulful, funk-driven sound that draws inspiration from LA gangster rap as well as the area’s better known rock groups, such as The Doors and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.



Stylist and blogger ALEALI MAY has had her hand on the pulse of fashion ever since growing up in South Central. Today she runs the streets of Downtown. Mixing elements of grunge, streetwear, and high end designer labels, she has created an avant-garde style unbound by divisions of “menswear” and “womenswear” and even dressed the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Wiz Khalifa.



Born and raised in Tahiti, HANALEI REPONTY could swim before she could crawl and spent her formative years traveling the world as a professional surfer. She now splits her time between surfing, modeling, and running her ethical, eco-conscious swim and activewear line, ABYSSE, from San Clemente.



You’ll never see COLLEEN HEIDEMANN in the same outfit twice. The former flight attendant has spent years traveling the world, collecting unique pieces and honing in on her eclectic-glam style. Since being discovered at her vintage shop in Palm Desert, California, by photographer Ari Seth Cohen, she has used her influence to combat the prejudices of ageism.



Born in San Francisco and raised in Japan, SAKAE PATRICK has traversed the globe as a competitive surfer. Along the way he has put down roots in Hawaii, Australia, Indonesia, and most recently Malibu, California, where he lives out of his van and spends most days surfing and working with THE MIGHTY UNDER DOGS.



DANIEL HIVNER and HADEN MCKENNA have spent their lives riding every kind of board—skate, surf, and snow. Haden is a regular fixture at Venice Beach’s historic skate park, and Daniel treks between Big Bear and Mammoth with his guitar in tow.



YASMINA JONES left England behind and now splits her time between a house in Joshua tree she helped build and a 1970’s fishing trawler in Venice Beach. The bold exhibitionist and aspiring singer-songwriter can usually be found reading Beatnik literature, hiking with her pit bull, or taking her Ford Ranchero for joyrides.






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Rosie’s Classic S-T-R-E-E-T Style


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley exudes glamour no matter what she’s wearing or doing. Blame it on her perfect pout, statuesque beauty, and natural poise. But there’s more to Rosie than what you’ve seen on the runways, movie screens, and glossy magazine pages. Away from all that, she’s just a fun-loving person with many different sides, some of which we attempted to capture as she rocked Classic Street.



Behind the Scenes: The Many Sides of Rosie



On representing UGG…

I have been a fan of the brand for many years now. Whether I’m back in the English countryside, on a road trip with friends, or close to the ocean in Malibu, I feel at home in UGG.



My first Classics

I remember saving up to buy a pair of UGG boots with one of my first-ever paychecks when I started modeling. They were everywhere at the time, and I had to get my hands on what everyone was talking about. I remember the excitement of opening the box and putting them on for the first time. It is true what they say: once you try them on, you are hooked.



My off-duty style…

I always like to feel put together even on my days off, but that doesn’t mean I want to sacrifice comfort. My job can consist of wearing sky-high heels on the runway and on film, so when it’s ‘my time’ I like to be a little more comfortable. I love the sleek styles of the new Classic Street.



How I wear my Classics…

They aren’t just for wearing around the house. To style the boots in a fashionable way I like to pair them with my favorite pair of Paige denim jeans, a silk blouse, and a blazer.



In my downtime…

I’m always my most relaxed spending time in nature, whether it’s on the beach with my dogs, hanging by the pool with friends, or taking a walk in the countryside with my family.



Shop Classic Street HERE



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UGG X Grazia @ Queenstown

















‘Soul Trader’ – As seen on

Photographer: Steven Chee

Stylist: Charlotte Stokes

Hair and Make-Up: Aimie Fiebig

Model: Marie Everth

Shot on location at Minaret Station in Wanaka NZ



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Hailey Baldwin for UGG Classic Street


If Hailey Baldwin isn’t perfect, then she’s damn near close. Walking onto the set of our photo shoot in Venice, CA, she didn’t wear a lick of make-up yet still looked perfectly airbrushed, so it’s no wonder that she’s one of the most in demand models around. But before she was a top model, she was a pre-teen UGG fan rocking her Classic Boots. “I remember getting my first pair was a very exciting experience,” she explains. “If you didn’t have them then you weren’t cool.”


Of course her style has evolved a bit since then. Always laid-back yet effortlessly chic, Hailey is the picture of California cool, which makes her the perfect person to show off our new addition to the Classic Family. THE CLASSIC STREET COLLECTION takes our signature comfort to a new level of chic, and Hailey agrees. “It’s still that classic, comfortable shoe, but I think it’s just kind of evolved into something a little more street-wearable. It’s something you want to be out with and incorporate as part of your everyday outfits.”


Check out Hailey’s Classic Street style to see how to work these boots into your everyday looks.










                                                                                                                              MORE ABOUT HAILEY


My shoe closet…

Well, I have a lot of shoes. I’m a shoe fanatic. I have a lot of boots… pretty much all black. And sneakers. I collect sneakers. Obviously I love UGGs.


On traveling in style…

I always like to be comfortable, but sometimes it’s hard to be comfortable and still look cool. Sometimes for the airport and long flights you want to just be cozy, but there’s always a way to do that in a stylish way. Layers. Lots of layers.


The three things I can’t live without…

Water, my family and friends, and ChapStick. I always need to have Chapstick with me. That’s a must.


Five of my favorite things…

Restaurant: The Smile in NYC
Workout: Pilates
Way to Relax: Chill on the couch and watch a movie
Classic Street Style: THE QUINCY
Veggies: Celery and asparagus



Shop the collection HERE.



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1 Style 3 Ways: The Hollyn Deco Quilted


Let us tell you why we love the HOLLYN DECO QUILTED. First of all, it’s a sneaker, so it’s got the comfort thing down with some extra help from the natural wool heel lining. Secondly, it has the cool look of a high top with the ease of a slip-on. And last—but certainly not least—the quilt detailing is both refined and edgy, which means this versatile sneaker can be dressed up or down. See for yourself.





Give your most tailored looks the element of surprise. With its sporty and casual vibes, the Hollyn Deco Quilted expands the wearing occasions for a crisp romper. The art deco-inspired quilting plays perfectly into the elegance of the outfit without detracting any attention from the statement-making Western bow tie and cape.







Tartan plaid and a leather jacket easily nail the rocker-chic look, but the Hollyn Deco Quilted takes this ensemble up a notch. Much more polished than standard sneakers, it keeps the look from feeling too juvenile while a romantic braid prevents it from veering ironic.







Lean into the sporty roots of this sneaker with a laidback look. The rich leather and sleek silhouette of the Hollyn Deco Quilted balances cutoff overalls and a crew neck tee, giving you casual style that still looks put together. Accessorize with a baseball cap for a little more athletic flair (not to mention sun protection and camouflage on a bad hair day).









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The Driving Moccasin



The driving moccasin can trace its lineage all the way back to the 1960’s in Italy. With the boom of the Italian auto industry, more and more people started to own cars, and the real classy gents needed something to replace their usual shoes while driving lest they crease and wear out. And so the driving moccasin was born. Crafted from soft leather and left unlined, the flexibility of this new style helped drivers bend their feet to accelerate, while rubber pebble soles offered traction on the pedals while evenly dispersing weight to avoid any soreness or discomfort. As soon as Italian race car drivers were spotted wearing their loafers outside their vehicles, this luxury item became an essential—especially during the hot summer. Designed to be worn barefoot, this loafer is ideal for the warmer months when socks aren’t an option and you don’t feel like showing off your toes. For ideas on how to wear them, just look to these three stylish men.




The always-stylish Ty Severe took the Henrick all over Los Angeles for a full workday with a polo, blazer, and some slim fit chinos. He even took advantage of the Twinsole™ interchangeable insoles, starting with the UGGpure™ wool set for coffee and switching to the leather-lined foam for afternoon meetings and cocktails. 





Sami Slimani packed the Henrick for a trip to Dubai. To keep cool, he opted for a pair of white shorts and a lightweight chambray shirt that together look easy and effortless. 


Find your perfect pair of driving moccasins here



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