Why a New Pair of Classic UGG Boots is your New Winter Staple

Whether you're cosying up at home or bracing the cold winds for coffee and brunch with girlfriends, there is nothing better than being snug from head-to-toe. As the weather gets cooler and our layers increase it's the perfect opportunity to up your shoe game with a staple pair of our classic sheepskin and water-resistant boots.


Need some convincing? Twins Danielle and Nicole from When Words Fail (@whenwordsfail_, give them a follow if you don't already) told us why a classic pair of UGG boots are a must-have during those colder months ahead...


UGG Sheepskin Classic Boots


The first thing that comes to mind for us when we think of winter is “UGG BOOTS”. Almost everyone owns a pair, they last a lifetime.


There’s nothing better than coming home from work having a nice hot shower and slipping into a comfy pair of UGGs during winter, It’s the most exciting part of winter!


Featured on our tootsies is the Mini Bailey Bow boot and the Mini Bailey Button boot. These plush sheepskin boots are more versatile than ever, you can fasten for extra warmth or fold down for a full fluffy collar. They have a signature sole for added cushioning, durability and traction. It’s a yes from us!


UGG Sheepskin Classic Boots


We are in love with these styles, they give off a feminine touch. They are pre-treated against water and stains so you won’t be seeing any marks on these babies!


Slip your feet into some UGGs this winter. We promise you won’t regret it!




Now that we've sold you, you can shop our full range of Women's Classic Boots right here and delivered straight to your day - no leaving the house necessary. 


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We had a party and look who came!

Bringing comfort to the Sydney CBD.


We had a party to welcome our newest UGG store in Westfield Sydney and we wanted to give you a bit of a peek. 

 UGG westfield sydney store


To celebrate our new store arrival we decided to create our own mini-festival held within our new home in Sydney’s iconic shopping precinct. Guests were treated to chic glitter makeup, henna tattoos and taco’s while Channel V Presenter and DJ, Danny Clayton took command on the decks.


UGG westfield sydney store



DJ and Producer, Tori Levett and the always stylish, Helen Chik were invited among some of Sydney’s top influencer and media to help us celebrate and test out some of our favourite UGG staples.


UGG westfield sydney store


The UGG Fluff Yeah Slide gracefully took out top pick on the night with our UGG Classics coming in at a definitive close second, especially now that winter has truly graced us with her presence. These are styles you're definitly going to want to add-to-cart. 


UGG westfield sydney


Now that we’ve made sure the store has been road-tested for our Sydney community we invite you to come on in and visit our new store for yourself, we promise you won't be disappointed.

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What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

Appreciating that special woman in your life is no easy feat.


It could be all about honouring your mother, a best friend, sister right through to that special work wife that makes your days a little brighter, celebrating with your little ones or any powerhouse regardless of gender – the day has taken on a shape all of its own.


To celebrate in our own way, we gifted three women a pair of their favourite UGG boots and slippers, (the ultimate gift of comfort) and asked them “What does Mother’s Day mean to you?


UGG womens slippers


 Krystal (@krystal.brooke) wears UGG Scuffette Slippers.


"Mother’s Day to me, is about honouring the many ways in which those who are Mothers show love. It’s about taking a day (which is well deserved) to say thank you, and I love you and a day where we can make our Mums feel the way they make us feel each day."


UGG classic boots


Tegan (@tegan_jean) and her mini-me wear UGG Classic Boots for women and for kids.


“Mother’s Day is a particularly important day to me as there was time I thought I might not ever get to celebrate it with children of my own. My journey to motherhood was long and at times incredibly difficult but now I can look back and know it was all so worth it”


UGG ansley twist slippers


Georgina (@woolandwillow) wears UGG Ansley Twist slippers.


"No matter the good or bad days we have as a mother, holding your children in your arms is the best feeling, and to be able to call myself a mother thanks to my children is an honour. I wouldn't have asked for anything greater"


When it comes to Mother’s day gifts we say kicking up your feet with your loved ones far outweighs anything else. 



Shop our curated Mother's Day collection here, or treat her (or yourself) to an UGG E-Gift Card.

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Is the Chunky Sneaker Trend Here to Stay?

UGG LA Runner Chunky Sneaker Collection


From everyday casual cool to dancing around to your favourite song at this year’s hottest festival (Coachella anyone?) one things for sure – you can’t go past a comfortable pair of walking or dancing shoes no matter what the occasion.

Luckily for you, we’ve given sneakers an on-trend update with our latest collection: LA Runner. A sporty, trend-right capsule comprised of sneaker-inspired silhouettes and fashion-focused sandals featuring bold chunky outsoles and exaggerated sheepskin details, a winning combination.

What makes these chunky sneakers different to all the others out there? By blending our unique Treadlite by UGG outsole—a supremely soft, lightweight, and ultra-durable outsole that draws inspiration from athletic footwear—with its signature DNA, these sneakers deliver the iconic wearing-experience of the renowned UGG Classic boot. With its exceptionally lightweight, flexible, and soft feel, this collection will carry every fashionista from season to season.




UGG Women's Chunky Neutra Sneaker

 UGG Neutra Sneaker, $150 in pink dawn.


The original chunky platform sneaker is back and better than ever in a popping pink colourway that screams effortless cool-girl. This sneaker is your go to pre and post-workout or even just for your morning walk to your favourite local café on a Sunday morning.




UGG Silverlake Chunky Sandal Sneakers

UGG Silverlake Sneaker-Sandal, $130 in Black.


Sandal meets sneaker in the most electrifying hybrid your feet can find. Pair it with your summer best and lounge by the pool in these cushioned beauties or pair them with your favourite socks for a style update in the cooler months.




UGG Willow Lace-Up Sneakers

UGG Willows Sneaker, $150 in pink dawn.


Our sneaker collection wouldn’t be complete without your traditional lace-ups. Crafted from our state-of-the-art engineered knit for supreme cushioning, flexibility, and lightness, this sneaker delivers the benefits of a sport shoe in a sleek, versatile silhouette.




UGG Chunky Pico Sneakers

UGG Pico Sneakers, $140 in seal, black and pink dawn.


Last but certainly not least, is the Pico Sneaker. Maintaining the chunky look and feel of its Neutra counterpart it’s crafted from springy neoprene and soft suede with the addition of luxurious sheepskin, this UGG iteration of the sporty shoe delivers our iconic wearing-experience in a playful and versatile shoe.


They truly are best in show and are definitly a trend that'll least for seasons to come but don’t take our word for it see for yourself, shop our LA Runner sneaker collection online now at and selected UGG stores nationally.



Slippers more your thing? Read about our California Loafer collection here.

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Summer Slippers you can wear from Day to Night.

UGG California Loafer Collection


As the warm weather continues we’re unveiling our warm weather-approved women’s slippers that are the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. Trust us, these new season styles are perfect for the balmy weather ahead.


With that said, introducing the California Loafer Collection. Soft and sophisticated our latest range of slippers and slides get the ultimate update in eye-popping colours with sheepskin accents that take inspiration from the casual glamour of Palm Springs.




UGG Women's Slippers Shaine Wisp


Inspired by our best-selling loafer – The Lane, we gave this slip-on slipper a much needed update with a fluffy wisp detail that complements the luxurious blend of sheepskin and suede, a winning combination. A slipper-like feel that was born to standout and take you from indoors to outdoors with ease.


UGG Women's Slippers Shaine Wisp


 UGG Shaine Wisp slip-on loafers, $130 in arroyo and black.




UGG Kaley Wisp Women's Slippers


The Kaley takes our classic soft UGG slipper-meet-loafer design updated with a fluffy wisp detail that’s sure to make a statement. Wear these as your comfortable go-to work shoe or cozy up at home on the couch in your Sunday best, either way you won’t want to part with these slippers.


UGG Kaley Wisp Women's Slippers


UGG Kaley Wisp Slipper Loafers, $150 in Black, Arroyo and Pink Dawn.


Just because the warm weather is in full force doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to comfort. Shop the California Loafer collection in our latest UGG new arrivals for women online now, and in UGG stores nationally.



Read about our new season campaign featuring The UGG Collective.

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UGG Spring Summer 2019 UGG Collective




For over 40 years, UGG has been a champion of bold individualism. Entering a new season and year, we keep that value close to heart. A time for new life, spring holds infinite opportunities to reinvent the status quo through our classic sheepskin boots and bold styles from season to season. Through changing times, we congregate around great ideas, great people, and great stories. This season, we put all three on display, partnering with inspiring individuals who live life on their own terms.


Channelling the endless potential of the West, with its open roads, diverse landscapes, and self-made attitude, we proudly present the Spring/Summer19 UGG Collective: a group of free-thinking creatives whose unflinching pursuit of passion mirrors our longstanding commitment to artistry, authenticity, and self-expression. Across disciplines, styles, and genres, these individuals represent everything UGG strives to be: bold, real, and uniquely Californian.




UGG Collective Clementine Creevy


At age 15, guitarist and singer-songwriter Clementine started her career in music, going on to found LA-based rock band Cherry Glazerr. Chaotic, rebellious, and wholly original, her lyrics explore contemporary themes with a sharp sense of wit, using music as a vehicle for self-expression, critical inquiry, and social change.




UGG Collective Mccauli Lombardi


Best known for his breakout role in the highly-acclaimed indie film American Honey, McCaul is a Baltimore native who moved westward in pursuit of his dreams. In little time, he went from sleeping in a car and waiting tables to starring in a Sundance hit, now set to play the lead role in director Matthew Porterfield’s Putty Hill opposite Jim Belushi.




UGG Collective Mikaela Ann Kreuzberger & Shawkat Sadeek Sanbar


LA-based model Mikaela enjoys singing, painting, eating ramen, and exploring the city with her musician boyfriend Shawkat. When she’s not with Shawkat, she’s dancing the night away in Hollywood with her friends. When Shawkat’s not with Mikaela, he’s navigating the local music scene of Southern California and working to create songs that invigorate people.




UGG Collective Jozie Furchgott Sourdiffe


The daughter of two artists turned gallery owners, Jozie is a lifelong creative whose designs are intensely preoccupied with life in all its manifestations. A true multi-media artist, she incorporates her designs into tattoos, clothing, jewellery, and prints. As fixated upon internal experience as she is upon external form, Sourdiffe’s work explores life’s ups and downs, finding beauty in tragedy, and strength in vulnerability.





Born and bred in Southern California, Levi is a surfer who’s always lived a couple miles away from the ocean. With a refreshingly irreverent personality, Prairie has never taken himself too seriously, effortlessly stylish both in and out of the water. In his spare time, he shapes surfboards with his brother, plays guitar for his band Distractor, and travels the world.


As we come into the new season our sheepskin classic boots, slippers and seasonal styles get a makeover. We continue to celebrate our unique culture throughout the Spring/Summer 2019 campaign through the UGG Collective in iconic California places. From majestic mountains and wild woodlands, to buzzing cities and quiet beach towns, California represents an eclectic paradise that brings together people from all across the world. For the new campaign, the cast travelled across the United States, finding locations in Oceanside Beach, San Diego, Palm Springs and Joshua Tree—places that perfectly represent the culture of the brand and California alike.


Shop our UGG Collective picks or shop the latest new arrivals for Women, Men and Kids online now and in-stores nationally. Find a store here.

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Celebrating 40 years of defying convention.


Since 1978, UGG has been a brand that has defied convention. Born on the coast of Southern California during the height of counterculture, we have always stood for those who aren’t afraid to feel what they want to feel and look how they want to look. This year marks our 40th Anniversary. To celebrate, we envision a new future that’s still deeply rooted in our past by teaming our most popular icons with icons in fashion, innovation, and art. Bold and unapologetic, these unique individuals represent the next generation of UGG. 


UGG 40:40:40 Exclusive Limited Edition Collection - Adwoa Aboah


Adwoa Aboah:

With her bold personality, Adwoa Aboah rewrites the script of what it means to be a modern woman. As an activist and model, she challenges traditional standards of beauty, champions unconventionality, and builds a safe, stigma-free space for women to discuss mental health, sexuality, and body image through her platform, Gurls Talk.


UGG 40:40:40 Exclusive Limited Edition Collection - Herron Preston


Heron Preston:

A genre-bending artist, designer, and DJ, Heron Preston carves his own path in the fashion industry through his commitment toward innovation, experimentation, and unpredictability. Unafraid to break the rules and challenge the norm, he represents a rising group of young creators questioning tradition and doing things their way.



Featuring UGG’s most iconic silhouettes in the original sand colour, embellished with heritage details and unique branding. Don’t miss out on buying a pair of these iconic shoes.



UGG 40:40:40 Limited Edition Collection - Women Classics


UGG 40:40:40 Limited Edition Collection - Men Classics


Available online now and at our QVB, King Street and Emporium stores, find a store.

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How Can I Wear My Classics the Other Half of the Year? – This is UGG


We get it. As much as you love the plush, fleecy feeling and DGAF vibe of your Classics, they don’t really lend themselves to warm-weather wear. Here’s our solve: Classic Unlined. They’re bald—as in NO fur—not to mention collapsible, which means easy packing for getaways. Not sure how you’d wear it? Well believe it or not, options beyond leggings exist. Take a look.



Add a little edge to the rocker uniform. Stick with your favorite band tee and moto jacket, but swap out black denim for white and throw on the CLASSIC UNLINED MINI LEATHER.



If you’re in need of a neutral that will go with everything, go for THIS GRAY-BROWN HYBRID and wear with a t-shirt dress or, you know, anything else in your closet.



Got a day date? Try a leggy look with the CLASSIC UNLINED TALL and a longer dress or skirt with a thigh-high slit. Add a light jacket in case the good times extend to the evening.



Who says you can’t get a little fancy with your UGG boots? Dress up a graphic tee and the CLASSIC UNLINED MINI with a metallic statement piece for a look that’s both cool and classy.



Give your heel-clad girlfriends shoe envy on a night out with the CLASSIC UNLINED MINI PERF IN FIRE OPAL. Pair it with a shiny slip dress and show off your trendsetting ways with some sparkly mesh socks peeking out from the topline.


Now that we’ve convinced you, shop all the Classic Unlined styles HERE.



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Introducing the UGG Collective – This is UGG


UGG’s California roots run deep. Founded in 1978 on the Golden Coast by an Australian surfer, this brand’s story is as diverse and complex as the state’s terrain and populations—one that can only be told through their own experiences. That’s why we’re introducing the UGG Collective, a group of real people who embody our values and the spirit of California. They are artists, surfers, writers, activists, and free spirits, and in telling their stories, we tell our own.



TASYA VAN REE grew up in Hawaii but moved to Los Angeles after high school and has called the city home ever since. Renowned for her work in photography and mixed media, she strives to create new languages and multi-dimensional worlds in her work while exploring mysticism, the psychology of objects, and the relationship between fashion and identity.



RAY WRIGHTMANU LI, and SERK SPLIFF form the hip-hop group WARM BREW. Raised on LA’s Westside, this trio rewrites Santa Monica’s whitewashed, paradisiacal narrative, creating a new soulful, funk-driven sound that draws inspiration from LA gangster rap as well as the area’s better known rock groups, such as The Doors and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.



Stylist and blogger ALEALI MAY has had her hand on the pulse of fashion ever since growing up in South Central. Today she runs the streets of Downtown. Mixing elements of grunge, streetwear, and high end designer labels, she has created an avant-garde style unbound by divisions of “menswear” and “womenswear” and even dressed the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Wiz Khalifa.



Born and raised in Tahiti, HANALEI REPONTY could swim before she could crawl and spent her formative years traveling the world as a professional surfer. She now splits her time between surfing, modeling, and running her ethical, eco-conscious swim and activewear line, ABYSSE, from San Clemente.



You’ll never see COLLEEN HEIDEMANN in the same outfit twice. The former flight attendant has spent years traveling the world, collecting unique pieces and honing in on her eclectic-glam style. Since being discovered at her vintage shop in Palm Desert, California, by photographer Ari Seth Cohen, she has used her influence to combat the prejudices of ageism.



Born in San Francisco and raised in Japan, SAKAE PATRICK has traversed the globe as a competitive surfer. Along the way he has put down roots in Hawaii, Australia, Indonesia, and most recently Malibu, California, where he lives out of his van and spends most days surfing and working with THE MIGHTY UNDER DOGS.



DANIEL HIVNER and HADEN MCKENNA have spent their lives riding every kind of board—skate, surf, and snow. Haden is a regular fixture at Venice Beach’s historic skate park, and Daniel treks between Big Bear and Mammoth with his guitar in tow.



YASMINA JONES left England behind and now splits her time between a house in Joshua tree she helped build and a 1970’s fishing trawler in Venice Beach. The bold exhibitionist and aspiring singer-songwriter can usually be found reading Beatnik literature, hiking with her pit bull, or taking her Ford Ranchero for joyrides.






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Rosie’s Classic S-T-R-E-E-T Style


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley exudes glamour no matter what she’s wearing or doing. Blame it on her perfect pout, statuesque beauty, and natural poise. But there’s more to Rosie than what you’ve seen on the runways, movie screens, and glossy magazine pages. Away from all that, she’s just a fun-loving person with many different sides, some of which we attempted to capture as she rocked Classic Street.



Behind the Scenes: The Many Sides of Rosie



On representing UGG…

I have been a fan of the brand for many years now. Whether I’m back in the English countryside, on a road trip with friends, or close to the ocean in Malibu, I feel at home in UGG.



My first Classics

I remember saving up to buy a pair of UGG boots with one of my first-ever paychecks when I started modeling. They were everywhere at the time, and I had to get my hands on what everyone was talking about. I remember the excitement of opening the box and putting them on for the first time. It is true what they say: once you try them on, you are hooked.



My off-duty style…

I always like to feel put together even on my days off, but that doesn’t mean I want to sacrifice comfort. My job can consist of wearing sky-high heels on the runway and on film, so when it’s ‘my time’ I like to be a little more comfortable. I love the sleek styles of the new Classic Street.



How I wear my Classics…

They aren’t just for wearing around the house. To style the boots in a fashionable way I like to pair them with my favorite pair of Paige denim jeans, a silk blouse, and a blazer.



In my downtime…

I’m always my most relaxed spending time in nature, whether it’s on the beach with my dogs, hanging by the pool with friends, or taking a walk in the countryside with my family.



Shop Classic Street HERE



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