Rosie’s Classic S-T-R-E-E-T Style


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley exudes glamour no matter what she’s wearing or doing. Blame it on her perfect pout, statuesque beauty, and natural poise. But there’s more to Rosie than what you’ve seen on the runways, movie screens, and glossy magazine pages. Away from all that, she’s just a fun-loving person with many different sides, some of which we attempted to capture as she rocked Classic Street.



Behind the Scenes: The Many Sides of Rosie



On representing UGG…

I have been a fan of the brand for many years now. Whether I’m back in the English countryside, on a road trip with friends, or close to the ocean in Malibu, I feel at home in UGG.



My first Classics

I remember saving up to buy a pair of UGG boots with one of my first-ever paychecks when I started modeling. They were everywhere at the time, and I had to get my hands on what everyone was talking about. I remember the excitement of opening the box and putting them on for the first time. It is true what they say: once you try them on, you are hooked.



My off-duty style…

I always like to feel put together even on my days off, but that doesn’t mean I want to sacrifice comfort. My job can consist of wearing sky-high heels on the runway and on film, so when it’s ‘my time’ I like to be a little more comfortable. I love the sleek styles of the new Classic Street.



How I wear my Classics…

They aren’t just for wearing around the house. To style the boots in a fashionable way I like to pair them with my favorite pair of Paige denim jeans, a silk blouse, and a blazer.



In my downtime…

I’m always my most relaxed spending time in nature, whether it’s on the beach with my dogs, hanging by the pool with friends, or taking a walk in the countryside with my family.



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