UGG X Grazia @ Queenstown

















‘Soul Trader’ – As seen on

Photographer: Steven Chee

Stylist: Charlotte Stokes

Hair and Make-Up: Aimie Fiebig

Model: Marie Everth

Shot on location at Minaret Station in Wanaka NZ



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Hailey Baldwin for UGG Classic Street


If Hailey Baldwin isn’t perfect, then she’s damn near close. Walking onto the set of our photo shoot in Venice, CA, she didn’t wear a lick of make-up yet still looked perfectly airbrushed, so it’s no wonder that she’s one of the most in demand models around. But before she was a top model, she was a pre-teen UGG fan rocking her Classic Boots. “I remember getting my first pair was a very exciting experience,” she explains. “If you didn’t have them then you weren’t cool.”


Of course her style has evolved a bit since then. Always laid-back yet effortlessly chic, Hailey is the picture of California cool, which makes her the perfect person to show off our new addition to the Classic Family. THE CLASSIC STREET COLLECTION takes our signature comfort to a new level of chic, and Hailey agrees. “It’s still that classic, comfortable shoe, but I think it’s just kind of evolved into something a little more street-wearable. It’s something you want to be out with and incorporate as part of your everyday outfits.”


Check out Hailey’s Classic Street style to see how to work these boots into your everyday looks.










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My shoe closet…

Well, I have a lot of shoes. I’m a shoe fanatic. I have a lot of boots… pretty much all black. And sneakers. I collect sneakers. Obviously I love UGGs.


On traveling in style…

I always like to be comfortable, but sometimes it’s hard to be comfortable and still look cool. Sometimes for the airport and long flights you want to just be cozy, but there’s always a way to do that in a stylish way. Layers. Lots of layers.


The three things I can’t live without…

Water, my family and friends, and ChapStick. I always need to have Chapstick with me. That’s a must.


Five of my favorite things…

Restaurant: The Smile in NYC
Workout: Pilates
Way to Relax: Chill on the couch and watch a movie
Classic Street Style: THE QUINCY
Veggies: Celery and asparagus



Shop the collection HERE.



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