1 Style 3 Ways: The Hollyn Deco Quilted


Let us tell you why we love the HOLLYN DECO QUILTED. First of all, it’s a sneaker, so it’s got the comfort thing down with some extra help from the natural wool heel lining. Secondly, it has the cool look of a high top with the ease of a slip-on. And last—but certainly not least—the quilt detailing is both refined and edgy, which means this versatile sneaker can be dressed up or down. See for yourself.





Give your most tailored looks the element of surprise. With its sporty and casual vibes, the Hollyn Deco Quilted expands the wearing occasions for a crisp romper. The art deco-inspired quilting plays perfectly into the elegance of the outfit without detracting any attention from the statement-making Western bow tie and cape.







Tartan plaid and a leather jacket easily nail the rocker-chic look, but the Hollyn Deco Quilted takes this ensemble up a notch. Much more polished than standard sneakers, it keeps the look from feeling too juvenile while a romantic braid prevents it from veering ironic.







Lean into the sporty roots of this sneaker with a laidback look. The rich leather and sleek silhouette of the Hollyn Deco Quilted balances cutoff overalls and a crew neck tee, giving you casual style that still looks put together. Accessorize with a baseball cap for a little more athletic flair (not to mention sun protection and camouflage on a bad hair day).









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