6TH MAY 2019


Here's to celebrating all the superwomen in our lives.

ugg mothers day classic boots

It could be all about honouring your mother, a best friend, sister right through to that special work wife that makes your days a little brighter, celebrating with your little ones or any powerhouse regardless of gender – the day has taken on a shape all of its own.

To celebrate in our own way, we gifted three women a pair of their favourite UGG boots and slippers, (the ultimate gift of comfort) and asked them “What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

ugg womens sheepskin slippers

 Krystal (@krystal.brooke) wears UGG Scuffette Slippers.

"Mother’s Day to me, is about honouring the many ways in which those who are Mothers show love. It’s about taking a day (which is well deserved) to say thank you, and I love you and a day where we can make our Mums feel the way they make us feel each day."

ugg womens and kids boots

Tegan (@tegan_jean) and her mini-me wear UGG Classic Boots for women and for kids.

“Mother’s Day is a particularly important day to me as there was time I thought I might not ever get to celebrate it with children of my own. My journey to motherhood was long and at times incredibly difficult but now I can look back and know it was all so worth it”

ugg sheepskin slippers and kids boots

Georgina (@woolandwillow) wears UGG Ansley Twist slippers.

"No matter the good or bad days we have as a mother, holding your children in your arms is the best feeling, and to be able to call myself a mother thanks to my children is an honour. I wouldn't have asked for anything greater"

When it comes to Mother’s day gifts we say kicking up your feet with your loved ones far outweighs anything else.