1ST MARCH 2022


We continue our #POWEREDBYHER stories of women empowering women.

International Women’s Day on March 8 is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. Continuing our #POWEREDBYHER story of women empowering women, this year we feature more who inspire us. UGG has partnered with Tommy Dorfman since 2018, and now it’s her turn to honor voices who inspire her like Sherenté Mishitashin Harris, Midori Francis, Corey Rae, and Raquel Willis. They are leaders in their fields who power movements at a global and local level. All five women are wearing the Fluff Yeah Slide in purple sky and share some quotes.

UGG x Tommy Dorfman

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Tommy Dorfman focuses her work on telling stories that give life to a range of interweaving and distinct queer experiences.

“Simply put, I’m the most comfortable I’ve ever been in my entire life – no matter where I am.” - Tommy Dorfman.

UGG x Corey Rae

Corey Rae is an activist, storyteller, and the world’s first openly transgender Prom Queen.

“International Women’s Day is all about celebrating women. The world could not work without us" - Corey Rae

UGG x Midori Francis

Midori Francis is a Drama Desk and Obie Award recipient for her work in the play The Wolves.

“I think it’s empowering to see stories of women taking their power back by telling their own authentic narratives." - Midori Francis.

UGG x Sherente Mishutashin Harris

Sherenté Mishitashin Harris intertwines stories of cultural existence with their Two Spirit identity to evoke emotion, spark dialogue, and amplify ideologies that are too often silenced.

“We must respect and listen to the earth just as we respect and listen to our women." - Sherenté Mishitashin Harris.

UGG x Raquel Wills

Raquel Willis is a Black transgender activist, writer, and media strategist dedicated to elevating the dignity of marginalized people, particularly Black transgender people.

“I believe in elevating the honor and dignity of marginalized folks, particularly Black trans folks" - Raquel Willis