A forever style icon.

UGG x Cher

UGG has always been an emotional brand because of how it makes you FEEL. We open the season with FEEL ___, an ongoing series of authentic stories from icons who make us feel. Known as the “Goddess of Pop,” we feature multi-talent entertainer, philanthropist, and style icon Cher in our icons like the Classic Mini and Coquette – personifying the feeling of UGG and the products that define us.

Through an intimate look at Cher in her California home – talking with her mother and reminiscing on her life – she opens up about being true to herself, following her dreams, and owning her personal style. Being an icon is about having the freedom and courage to explore your own journey and individuality, and that's what makes UGG still so iconic today.

Like UGG, Cher is unlike any other. Watch our latest story about an icon who makes us feel the power of individuality.


“I can’t describe my style. I don’t even know what it is. I did my own thing when it wasn’t very appreciated. We weren’t very appreciated. We thought we looked fabulous, but grownups hated us.”

UGG x Cher


UGG x Cher

“Every film elicits another part of who you are, the emotion that goes along with who you are. So, movies have a place in my heart all their own, because movies have meant so much to me at different times. It gives you perspective on things you don’t know and could never know.”

UGG x Cher