Soft on you, softer on the planet


Responsible fashion isn’t a fad, it’s the future. At UGG, we make quality products built to last and are constantly innovating to reduce our environmental impact. Waste in product supply chains is a challenge for the industry, and we want to minimize it whenever possible.

As part of this journey, we have developed two innovations that turn reclaimed wool waste into new materials. Wool is our most iconic (and most-used) fiber, and we’re on a mission to make it more sustainable with UGGplush™ and UGGcycle™ – materials that are soft on you, and softer on the planet.

The new Icon-Impact Collection showcases these innovations. It also incorporates renewable sugarcane and recycled PET, diverting over 350,000 plastic bottles from landfill – that’s the equivalent of two to three bottles in each pair of shoes.

The latest update in our ongoing FEEL GOOD initiative, Icon-Impact is just one way UGG is working to make positive strides for the planet. For more information on our sustainability mission, please visit FEELGOODFUTURE.UGG.COM


Our UGGplush™ and UGGcycle™ innovations are made with reclaimed wool, which comprises 99% of our overall wool usage and requires less water, energy, and carbon emissions compared to virgin wool. “Reclaimed” means that we are giving new life and purpose to a material that might otherwise go to waste – in doing so, we have saved 134 million MJ of energy, 11.9 billion gallons of water, and 134 million pounds of CO2 when compared to finished virgin market wool.


A renewable resource, sugarcane is swift-growing and rainwater-nourished. The sugarcane in our SugarSole™ foam allows us to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels by replacing petroleum-based ethylene. The sweet crop absorbs 1.6 pounds of CO2 for every pound of ethylene replaced.


A new purpose for plastic, this collection uses durable RPET from recycled plastic bottles. Over two PET bottles go into each pair of shoes – diverting more than 350,000 plastic bottles from landfill in total.


Thoughtfully designed with our environmental footprint in mind, we use low-impact materials with offsets for the small amount of emissions they create – making the materials carbon neutral.