In telling their stories, we tell ours.

The UGG Collective is an ever-evolving group of California-based creatives who are defying convention and pushing boundaries in their respective fields. This season, the Collective includes chef Dominique Crenn, artist Claire Tabouret, curator Jordan Watson, skateboarder Ajani Russell, model Carly Russ, and dancer Nathan Mitchell.

Ajani Russell.

ajani russell

Ajani Russell is an amateur skateboarder, model, and interdisciplinary artist from Brooklyn. She’s a founding member of New York City’s Skate Kitchen, a collective of fearless female skaters who inspired Crystal Moselle’s eponymous film released last year. When Ajani isn’t skating the city streets towards inclusion, she’s modeling or studying at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) in Valencia, California.

Jordan “Watts” Watson.

Jordan “Watts” Watson

Jordan Watson, known in creative communities as Watts, is a Los Angeles-based curator and taste-maker for art in the digital space. Through his virtual gallery @love.watts and his physical gallery 0-0LA, Watts supports emerging artists and challenges institutional expectations by making art accessible to all.

Claire Tabouret.

Claire Tabouret

Claire Tabouret is a French artist based in Los Angeles. Immersed in the arts at an early age, her figurative paintings, drawings, and sculptures deconstruct the female form and explore the enigmas of childhood. Drawing inspiration from mythology, history, and personal experience, her work offers an impassioned and uninhibited commentary on outdated notions of femininity.

Nathan Mitchell.

Nathan Mitchell

Nathan Mitchell is a seasoned dancer, choreographer, and model from Seattle. He infuses meaning into every movement and channels raw power with every step. He’s performed in countless projects, including McQ’s short film Eating Emotions (Chased by Sounds) and Charlotte Tilbury’s “Scent of a Dream” commercial alongside Kate Moss.

Dominique Crenn.

Dominique Crenn

Dominique Crenn is an award-winning French chef and restauranteur in San Francisco. She’s the first woman in the United States to receive three Michelin stars for her restaurant Atelier Crenn, and the recipient of last year’s James Beard Award for Best Chef. Driven by passion and purpose, the success of her restaurants proves that hard work, dedication, and distinct vision can defy all odds.

Carly Russ.

Carly Russ

Carly Russ, also known as Cici Valentine, is a model, musician, and founder of Vintage Valentine. Born in Chicago but based in Los Angeles, her professional and creative outputs bridge the gap between fashion and music, a lifelong pursuit to combine her passions.