Powerhouse couple QUIÑ & 6LACK answer all our burning questions while on set at our latest campaign.

UGG New Collection with 6LACK and QUIN

Featuring friends of the brand, our Autumn/Winter21 campaign follows a new generation of multi-hyphenate creatives – unafraid to use their voices and mediums to challenge the status quo and defy convention. With QUIÑ, boyfriend 6LACK, and sisters Blair and Bailey Quiñones, we pair this season’s cast with a collection of fluff, and sneakers – celebrating the convention-defying spirit we unequivocally share and the products that define our future. Real people who embody our vales, they are musicians, artists, and wordsmiths who – like UGG – are bold, provocative, free-spirited, optimistic, and real.

Together, QUIÑ and 6LACK answered some questions about life as a couple and their latest shoot with UGG.

Describe a day in the life of QUIÑ and 6LACK.

6LACK: We’ve been using this past year and quarantine to have more moments of getting away from the noise and spending time with family and friends, but one day might be dedicating time to what needs to be done at home, another day might be finding a cabin to explore, rest, and be in a new setting.

How did you two meet?

QUIÑ: Twitter. He found me through my music and was my first and only fan at one point. I’m pretty sure it was love at first sight for him, haha. We were bestie pen pals for a long time.

6LACK: Yeah, we met online after I saw a video of her singing and felt like I saw someone I was supposed to know and already love. I just wanted to be her friend. Eventually, I came to LA for the first time, and by then we had already been best friends, talking/texting/face-timing every day.

QUIN wear UGG new collection

Describe your first impressions.

QUIÑ: First impression was like, ‘this kid already knows what I’m saying? He speaks my language?’ Very rare. He reminded me of family instantly.

6LACK: My first impression was this is somebody that makes me feel less compressed and that’s all I ever want to feel.

What inspires you most about one another?

QUIÑ: Lots of things come to mind. How big and pure his heart is, and how hardworking and selfless his spirit is. He’s a sweet, admirable soul.

6LACK: What inspires me most is her self-awareness. It comes in the form of helpful convos, hearing her sing, watching her achieve new goals, etc. It’s always sure. It’s always confident.

6LACK wear UGG new collection

In what ways do you complement and challenge one another?

We just go together.

What’s a special memory you both share?

6LACK: I would say that going to Iceland together was a really crazy memory. It was the solstice so the sun didn’t go down for days, and we drove from one side of Iceland to the other. We got to see rainbows, waterfalls, black sand beaches, icebergs, and geysers all in one trip.

What does collaboration look like for you two?

It looks good. It’s two people learning each other every day in all the ways, and creating as many things from that as we can.

Are you two working on anything together?

We both have new things coming that we’ll have to help each other with, so yes.

Describe one another in three words.

QUIÑ: Sweet warrior king.

6LACK: My best friend.

QUIN & 6LACK wear UGG new collection

Describe one another’s style and what it says about them.

QUIÑ: Cozy cool.

6LACK: I’ve seen her make new things out of her old things. I’ve seen her own new pieces like they were made for her. Cozy, but with infinite range.

Tell us what you both remember from the shoot with UGG.

QUIÑ: The energy on set was the best.

6LACK: I remember how easy it was to do, and how warm everyone was on set. It was a natural day and a fun one.

Any words to close?

QUIÑ: Looking forward to more magical collabs with my faves, UGG!


Editor’s Note: Bianca Quiñones, known to most as QUIÑ, is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Los Angeles. Free from labels or genre associations, she self-describes her sound as fantasy soul – a harmonious blend of soul-written music and silky fantasy sounds. Other than periodic collaborations, singles, and EPs, she is currently working on new music and her debut album with Interscope Records and her sublabel Fantasy Soul Records.
Ricardo Valez Valentine, known to most as 6LACK, is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and three-time GRAMMY Awards nominee from Atlanta’s Zone 6 (hence 6LACK). Vulnerable and honest, his music touches on love, heartbreak, and everything in between – influenced mainly by his personal experiences and relationships throughout his life, including with girlfriend QUIÑ.