Meet Katelyn Ahn - This Is UGG.

UGG Fluff Yeah Slide - Katelyn Ahn

This season, we interviewed our brand ambassadors about style, their wardrobe must-haves, and how they plan to wear this season’s styles. Meet Katelyn Ahn - a distinctly east coast fashion influencer.

How would you describe your style?

I like what I like. I’m inspired by so many different things every day. I can’t define my style in one word.

What does your style say about you?

Some days I feel like a boss, some days I feel sexy, and some days I’m feeling both. You never know what you’ll get with me.

How do you express your individuality?

Different cultures inspire me. I stay inspired by hip-hop culture and Japanese culture. I also found a new love for Wong Kar-wai films, and literally everyone is fitted in his movies! Also, I love finding inspo from Japanese movie posters as well.

Whose style inspires you?

It’s not so much who inspires my style, but what inspires my style – cultures, colours, fabrics, street trends, and patterns.

Living in Los Angeles, what are your wardrobe must-haves?

Some good denim and my Issey cardigan.

UGG Oh Yeah Slide - Alani Figueroa

Katelyn Ahn, @killa.kate, wears The Fluff Yeah Slide in Neon Yellow.

How has Los Angeles influenced how you dress?

In LA, there are so many beautiful people, and so many of them have amazing style. Seeing people walk into a party with so much style, with all their coveted, rare pieces definitely influenced how I dress, and even made me feel a little competitive to step my game up.

How does your style change between seasons?

Since LA weather kinda stays the same throughout seasons, it doesn’t change that much for me. But when our 60 degree “winter” hits, I definitely pull out my big puffer coats, long jackets, and my boots.

Describe UGG in three words.

Warm, cosy, and cool.

Share your first or favourite memory wearing UGG.

My first memory of wearing UGGs was with my mom back in the 2000s. We had a matching Juicy Couture sweatsuit and matching beige UGG boots. We would hold hands and go window shopping, and if I was lucky enough, some real shopping too. That’s the way we always bonded. She’s the one who put me onto all this fashion sh*t!

What's your favourite silhouette from our new season assortment, and how do you plan to wear it?

I love the Fluff Yeah Slide in Neon Yellow. I plan to wear it with my puffer jacket and brown shorts, and mix in a whole lotta gold jewellery.