Feel bold. Feel you. Express yourself with UGG.

Classic Mini Chestnut Boot

UGG has forever lived between bold fashion and extreme comfort, giving you the confidence to let your innermost feelings shine through your outermost self. This season, FEELS LIKE UGG is our anthem expressed through vivid emotions distinctive to how you feel when wearing UGG.


This campaign features creative forces like Naomi Watanabe, DeVonn Francis, Alexis Ruby, Nigel Sylvester, and Kiddy Akita Lou.

Feels Like Confidence with Naomi Watanabe.

is a comedian, model, and actor in Japan and New York. She stars in this season’s anthemic campaign, inspiring us to feel confident in who we are and how we express ourselves.

“You can express yourself in so many ways with UGG. It's a brand that gives you a boost of confidence.”

This campaign features creatives forces like Naomi Watanabe who feels like confidence. The world-renowned comedian, actress, model, and inclusive fashion designer, affectionately known as “The Japanese Beyonce,” has captivated audiences around the world with her viral performances and celebrity impressions.

The most-followed person in Japan and one of the most-recognized personalities in all of Asia, Naomi has accumulated a loyal global following of nearly ten million across her social media platforms. Naomi has used her platform to become of the most disruptive forces in the fashion and beauty space by consistently shattering traditional industry standards through global partnerships and ambassadorships with top brands and her very own brand, PUNYUS.

Up next, the multi-hyphenate superstar is ready to take America by storm, beginning with a move to New York City and a new all-English podcast, Naomi Takes America on Spotify.

Photo of Naomi WatanabeNaomi in the Classic Ultra Mini

Photo of Naomi WatanabeNaomi in the Classic Mini Platform

Feels Like Self-Expression with DeVonn Francis.

Chef and artist is reshaping the culinary scene as we know it. He is the mastermind behind Yardy World, which creates global food and culture journeys. With the goal of bringing flavors of the Caribbean diaspora to every corner of the world, Yardy World has the flexibility and ingenuity to navigate spaces in a way that utilizes food to engage with people, their stories, and their identities.

Photo of DeVonn Francis in the Tasman SlipperDeVonn Francis in the Tasman Slipper

Photo of DeVonn Francis in the Tasman SlipperDeVonn Francis in the men's new Ultra Mini

Meet Alexis Ruby

Model, plant mom, and at-home chef, is a go-getter and a grounded individual. She loves to sing and play the guitar, as well as the piano. Alexis also enjoys working out and meditation; reading and writing when she has the free time. She is heavily family-oriented and leads with love in her daily life.

Photo of Alexis Ruby in classic miniAlexis in the Classic Mini

Meet Kiddy Akita Lou

is a visual artist, designer, and model based in Los Angeles. With a background in visual art and science, she is well known for expressing herself through art, sports, and advocating for the empowerment of people with disabilities and people of colour.

Photo of Kiddy Akita Lou in Classic Ultra MiniKiddy in the Classic Ultra Mini

Meet Nigel Sylvester

is an American professional BMX athlete, content creator, entrepreneur, filmmaker, and philanthropist from Queens, New York. Nigel’s career has extended beyond traditional BMX biking through his progressive riding style, innovative content creation, and one-of-a-kind artistic expression and style. These distinctive characteristics have catapulted Sylvester to the forefront of the sports world.

Photo of Nigel Sylvester in Neumel BootNigel in the Neumel Boot

Meet Gillean McLeod

A top stylist who divides her time between commercial and editorial clients, is known for unique flair, creative image-making, and working closely with clients to manifest the sartorial aspects of their projects. At the age of sixty, she burst onto the advertising horizon as the star model in the viral sensation of an H&M campaign, which had her wearing nothing but a black swimsuit – without hair or makeup. Since her debut, she has starred in editorials, billboards, campaigns, and television commercials alike.

Photo of Gillean Mcleod in Classic Mini PlatformGillean in the Classic Mini Platform

Photo of Gillean Mcleod in Classic Mini PlatformGillean in the Classic Mini Platform