A global celebration of individuality and style.

UGG Feel You

FEEL YOU is an ongoing, global celebration of individuality and style with over thirty friends of the brand. They are multi-hyphenate creatives who – like UGG – are bold, provocative, free-spirited, optimistic, and real. Pairing the iconic Classic Mini, Neumel, and new iterations with a diverse group of tastemakers who express themselves through fashion, we highlight the many ways to wear UGG from season to season.

Introducing the latest collective and their favourite UGG Classics.

Evan Mock is a skater, model, and actor on HBO’s new Gossip Girl reboot. Rhianna Jones is a writer, creative, and advocate using her voice to champion cultural inclusivity, sustainable fashion, and Afrocentric natural beauty. Kayla Maria G is a model and dancer whose goal is to break barriers and normalize disabilities. Bri Scalesse is a model, writer, and disability advocate with a wheelchair named Aphrodite. Lachlan Watson is one of the youngest self-identified non-binary actors in Hollywood. Genai Nakama is a model and creative working to pave a way for girls just like her in the fashion industry. Couple Shanley McIntee and Cameron Porras are models and creatives following their dreams.


UGG Feel You - Evan Mock

Evan wears the Mens Neumel Boot.

EVAN MOCK ON UGG CLASSICS: I love the versatility. They’re obviously comfortable and feeling comfortable is your strongest point in life.


UGG Feel You - Rhianna Jones

Rhianna wears the Womens Classic Mini II Boot

RHIANNA ON UGG CLASSICS: I love UGG Classics because they blend seamlessly into whatever I want to wear. This fall, I’m taking them dancing. I love biking all day and night. So, wherever I am, I’ll be popping off in these.


UGG Feel You - Genai Nakama

Genai wears the Womens Classic Ultra Mini Boot

GENAI ON UGG CLASSICS: What I love about UGG Classics is that they can go with anything, really. As I said, I’m a huge fan of elevated basics, so just being able to throw on a good pair and rock it with whatever I’m wearing is easy, and I like easy. I like fun, and I think that’s what UGG offers.


UGG Feel You - Bri Scalesse

Bri wears the Womens Classic Ultra Mini Boot

BRI ON UGG CLASSICS: I love that UGG Classics are part of our culture. They are in-style, but also so comfortable to wear. They immediately stand out, and I love to embrace the extraness of style.


UGG Feel You - Kayla Maria G

Kayla wears the Womens Classic Ultra Mini Boot

KAYLA ON UGG CLASSICS: I’ve been a fan of UGG since I was nine years old. I have over eighteen pairs, even the adaptive ones. My first pair was the Classic Mini in Chestnut that came a little bit above the ankle. They’re just so warm. It’s like a hug in a shoe. I love wearing them with baggy sweatpants and a cozy jacket off the top. This fall, I’m wearing them to the dance studio because I dance in heels, so after class, I get to take off my heels and put them on. It’s such a relief.


UGG Feel You - Lachlan Watson

Lachlan wears the Womens Classic Ultra Mini Boot

LACHLAN ON UGG CLASSICS: I love that UGG Classics go with everything and they’re perfectly androgynous. UGG is about comfort and being yourself, and that resonates with me in a big way.


UGG Feel You - Shanley McIntee and Cameron Porras

Cameron wears the Mens Neumel Boot and Shanley wears the Womens Classic Ultra Mini Boot

SHANLEY AND CAMERON ON UGG CLASSICS: Shanley: What I love about UGG Classics is that they’re versatile and timeless. I had a pair of these back in high school, and I’m old now, so the fact that I can still wear them is amazing. Cameron: What I love about UGG Classics is how comfortable and nonchalant they are. They’re just cool. They don’t try too hard. They’re just an iconic kind of silhouette that’s always going to be around.