Meet Bianca Quiñones, known to most as QUIÑ, is a singer, songwriter, and model from Los Angeles.

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QUIÑ, wears Fluffita Slides in Pink Cloud.

Free from labels or genre associations, she self-describes her sound as fantasy soul – a harmonious blend of soul–written music and silky fantasy sounds. Other than periodic collaborations, singles, and EPs, she is currently working on new music and her debut album with Interscope Records and her sub-label Fantasy Soul Records.

Describe a day in the life of QUIÑ.

Wake up, make tea, take my vitamins, cuddle, kiss my cat, stretch, get inspired, go to the beach and write. Spend time with my loved ones and think of new ways to be creative for tomorrow.

How has Los Angeles helped shape who you are, what you make, and how you live your life?

Since I was a baby, I’ve been marinating in the mountains of Altadena, and I’m sure that had many different effects on who I am today. The ability to have a beach day or drive 6–7 hours to go camp with my family definitely made an impression on me, and I often draw much inspiration from those moments in my life.

Share some of your favourite spots in Los Angeles.

Six Flags. The Enchanted Forest of Light by my mom’s house. All the botanical gardens like Huntington Gardens, the Arboretum, and the secret garden by my gramma’s house in Pasadena (but I keep that one on the low lol). The beach, of course. The Academy Movie Theatre in Pasadena (good times). The Hollywood Forever Cemetery for movie nights. All the beautiful views we have where you can just sit and talk.

How would you describe your sound to those that haven’t listened to your music before, and how’s the new album coming along?

Fantasy soul. I made that up so I had something to say when people ask me this (haha). It’s literally just me and my feelings alchemized into fantasy sounds. My soul is writing and I’m representing it all. I’m excited to share the new music, and I’m grateful to be able to give it the time and attention it deserves – especially right now while our plans are all up in the air. Lots of new stuff on the way.

What does your style say about you?

My style says that I know exactly who I am, and I’m cozy with that.

UGG Influencers - QUIÑ

QUIÑ, wears Classic Mini Sheepskin Chestnut Boots.

What styles of ours do you plan to wear this summer, and how do you plan to wear them?

All of them! I’ll always throw on the Classic Boot for a beach day, but I really love the new slides like the Disco Slide. I have a colour for every day of the week.

UGG Influencers - QUIÑ

Describe the feeling of UGG in three words.

Comfy, cozy, clever.

Any plans this summer?

I’m floating with the flow this summer and creating as I go.