Did you know?

1. The average price of a fake ugg classic is $100

Counterfeit UGG footwear is often priced 30% below MSRP—in an attempt to lure in unsuspecting customers. Do not rely on counterfeit pricing as an indicator of authenticity.

2. Ugg acted against 60,000 counterfeit websites:

UGG works tirelessly with law enforcement to protect you from the plethora of counterfeit websites. Presently, UGG has taken legal action against 60,000 websites selling counterfeit UGG product. If you have a known counterfeit website you would like to report, please join the fight by emailing us at

3. Law enforcement has seized 1.01 million counterfeit ugg products globally from 2011-2014.

4. Ugg has received over 80,000 emails regarding counterfeiting from customers.

The majority of counterfeit websites are operated in China, which protects the actual counterfeiters from prosecution. If you have a counterfeit website to report, please email We have a dedicated anti-counterfeit team taking down the websites you report.

5. Terrorists, gangs, & mobs sell counterfeits!:

Infamous terrorist groups, organized crime rings, and gangs such as the Crips, Florencia 13, White Fence, MS-13, Yi Ging Organization, Lim Organization, Big Circle Boys, 14K, Sun Yee On triads, Camorra, Los Zetas, Gambino family, La Cosa Nostra, Chinese triads, Japanese Yakuza, Italian Camorra, Russian Mafia, Al Queda, and Hezbullah finance their operations—including terrorism, drug, sex, and arms trafficking—through the sale and trafficking of counterfeits.